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Meet Khadijah 

Certified Business Coach & Mentor

I am Khadijah D. Cooke the owner of Essential Designs and More where we help you write the vision and make it plan. Since a young age I have always had the passion to help others. As I grew older, I realized a lot of people have the crab in the barrel mentality. I promised myself that once I figured out how to build a successful business that I would enlighten as many people as possible the right way. My parents instilled in me that hard work and determination will take you a long way.


I honestly believe that I am here on this earth to help others write their vision and make it plain. It is my mission to help you create the goal, obtain the goal, and do it all over again until you have created the life that you desire. I do not mind helping in any way possible and I assure you that with my guidance you will not leave the program the way that you came. Let me help you change your mindset and bring the business that you have inside of you to life!

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